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Tony Romo Coming Out Of Retirement To Lead The Cowboys Doesn't Seem Too Far-fetched Anymore

Tony Romo already has a new well-paying gig with Fox Sports Network as their lead color commentator, but it does seem possible that we may never see him speak one word thru his waiting microphone.

Things change quickly and suddenly in the NFL, and what we think we know turns into what we thought we knew in the blink of an eye. Just ask the Dolphins.

QB Ryan Tannehill was QB-1 for the Dolphins at the start of practice last Thursday morning. That didn't last very long. By 9:00am Tannehill was gingerly walking to the locker room after collapsing to the turf during 11-on-11 drills.

Tannehill rolled-out right and was being chased by Ndamukong Suh when he planted his braced left leg in an attempt to angle towards the sideline. He was untouched by any other player, but was belted by the hand of Tough Luck.

Tannehill would have an MRI that would reveal damage to his MCL and PCL, which will probably land him on the teams' Injured Reserve list.

It didn't take long for the Dolphins coaching staff to turn their backs on QB-2 Matt Moore. The 10-year pro took over the practice reps when Tannehill went down, but that didn't last very long.

Moore finished the practice on Thursday and took the reins on Friday as well, but that appears to be all for the 7-year Dolphin back-up, as the team quickly jumped on the phones looking for an option they felt was better than giving Moore the offense in week-1.

The team considered Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler. The latter was talked-out of retirement and will be given the keys to the Dolphin offense.

In a different scenario, could there be another ex-NFL quarterback re-thinking his current job as a network analyst for the opportunity to once again lead an offense as a starting QB? In particular, Tony Romo?

If it was the Cowboys' Dak Prescott who tore ligaments in his knee during practice, or even in a game early in the season, would that prompt the team to look elsewhere for a starting quarterback? Could Romo leave Fox Sports to re-join his old team for the 2017 season?

One can only wonder at this point, and hopefully we'll never know, but the possibility is always there that Prescott, or any other QB, could suffer the same fate as Tannehill and the Dolphins. Could Romo be talked-out of his cushy network analyst position to don the pads once again for the Cowboys, or some other team that could be clamoring for a starting QB replacement? Did the Dolphins even consider dropping a dime on Romo?

It surely would be interesting to see what Romo would do in a situation where he could once again lead an offense in the NFL. One thing we do know is that things in the NFL can change faster than any quarterback can roll out of a broken pocket.

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