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Everything Is What We Thought It Would Be After Week-1...........Not.

There are things at the start of every NFL season that we can count on - the Patriots will win the AFC East, the Browns and Jets won't be any good, and the Saints defense will suck. Then there are things that we think we know that will turn out completely different and unexpected.

Week-1 of the 2017 season has made us rethink some of the things we were quite sure of as the season approached. Surely there are things that jump out at us after one week of almost every NFL season, but this year seems to have more than most.

Consider these facts after the conclusion of the 16 game slate this past weekend:

- The Browns have the best run defense in the league.

- The Jaguars have the best pass defense and total defense in the league.

- The Steelers are tied for last with the least amount of rushing yards.

- The LA Rams are the highest scoring team in the league.

- The Bills lead the league in rushing yards.

- Tom Brady has the lowest pass completion percentage in the league.

- Mike Gillislee leads the league in scoring.

- Not one kickoff or punt was returned for a touchdown.

- The Texans are a minus-4 in turnover ratio, and the Jaguars are +4.

- The Seahawks defense is tied with a league-low 24 first downs surrendered.

- The Patriots have the most penalties called against them (15).

- The Eagles have had the least penalties called against them (2).

- The Vikings offense has the best 3rd-down conversion rate in the league.

There are plenty more stats out there after one week of this football season that will make us scratch our heads. The only thing we can expect to happen next week is more of the same; as in the things we think we can expect will twist themselves into things that we never expected.

Stay tuned.

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