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Panthers Fan Arrested For Punching Older Man During Thursday Night Football Game

The beers will flow like wine and the punches will fly like the swans of Capistrano (a "Dumb & Dumber" reference there) when the NFL plays at night.

That was once again the case when the Panthers and Eagles got together on Thursday at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte North Carolina.

Apparently the older gentleman, said to be a Panthers fan also, was displeased with the younger couple in front of him for standing and blocking his view for most of the game. Words were exchanged, and It appears the girlfriend had a lot to say at a very close range before her boyfriend launched several punches to the guys face and head.

Who's to blame? Well, I'd start with the girlfriend. Why?.....Because that's how most fights start. I'm guessing she went off on a loud verbal tirade right in the guys face, before he started giving it back to her. Then, the boyfriend most likely didn't approve of the way the man was talking to his girlfriend so he decided to show his displeasure, by speaking in braille.

I don't know which of the guys were out-of-line with the way this all went down, but I do know that the older guy has a soar face (ouch), and the younger guy is facing charges of assault, and his Panthers lost the game. Ouch and ouch. Of course it should never come to blows at a sporting event, but I do wonder what the older guy might have said, because there is a line, and you can't just say whatever you want to whoever you want, because there may be physical consequences that are my opinion.

You can take a look at the punches thrown below.

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