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PFT Has More Interest In The Patriots Than The Eagles, Apparently

It seems like every time I visit there is a new post in the "Rumor Mill" about the Patriots team and/or one of its players or coaches. It certainly seemed like that wasn't the case as far as posts concerning the Eagles went. So I researched it since I've always felt the site had a very pro-Patriots slant to it - or at least a few of their writers did.

Between January 22nd (which is the Monday after Championship weekend) and January 29th, I tallied the posts from that were written about either the Eagles or the Patriots. What I found was what I expected to find. Among those articles that were written about either team 60% of them were about the Patriots and 40% about the Eagles.

In all, there were 32 posts about the Patriots team, its players or coaching staff. There were 21 posts about the Eagles team, its players or coaching staff.

Patriots posts breakdown:

About the team: 4

About a particular player: 17

About coaches: 3

About their coaches interviewing: 4

About injuries: 4

Eagles posts breakdown:

About the team: 4

About a particular player: 12

About coaches: 2

About their coaches interviewing:0

About injuries: 1

Misc: 2 (fans)

So, if you're an Eagles fan and don't want to sift thru a bunch of Patriots-related "news" may not be your site of choice. If you're a Patriots fan you'll enjoy not having to read an overabundance of Eagles "news" as you scroll for Patriot-related info.

There doesn't appear to be one writer who's leaning more one way than the other, so perhaps the site feels like there are more Patriots fans that visit the site, and perhaps they know that is the case by using tracking data, but either way it is a little obvious to me which team these guys are paying more attention to. That attention may be well deserved, but there have been a couple teams who have already fallen at the feet of the Eagles after they've been labeled as the favorites. It would be wise for the Patriots to not let this Eagles team sneak up on them.

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