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Eagles Fans Won't Be Happy To Hear That U.S. Bank Stadium Is Where Many Birds Go To Die

The site of Super Bowl LLII is no place for birds to travel to. Hundreds have died in the parking lot of U.S. Bank Stadium. That is due to the 200,000 square-feet of reflective glass paneling that is attached to the $1.1-billion stadium.

The stadium is also right in the migratory pathway of many species yearly journey to warmer weather. White-throated sparrows, Ruby-throated hummingbirds and 20 other species of birds travel thru Minnesota from Canada to reach the Gulf of Mexico and Central and South America.

There has been no word whether or not any Eagles have died due to the stadium's glass panels, but we do know that there will be a whole bunch of them on the field in a few days, and they will be hoping their Super bowl dreams don't go the way the lives of many of their feathered friends have gone.

You can read more from USA Today here:

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