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The Chargers Defense Is Really Looking Forward To Seeing Bills' QB Nathan Peterman In Week-2

The Bills have decided to go with second-year quarterback Nathan Peterman in week-1 against the Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon, instead of this year's first-round draft pick Josh Allen. That decision may be more to ease the rookie into his NFL career by having him watch his first game in the league instead of having him jump right in front of live bullets before he gets a good taste for what to expect.

Whether or not Peterman will remain the starter in week-2, while Allen holds the clipboard again, remains to be seen. And a lot of that decision may be based on how well Peterman plays on the road in Baltimore on Sunday.

If Bills coach Sean McDermott decides to go with Peterman again in week-2 against the Chargers there won't be any disappointed defensive backs wearing lightening bolts on the side of their helmets. Last season in week-11 against the Chargers Peterman didn't last very long. He went 6-of-14 for 66-yards and 5 interceptions. That is not a typo. He was then replaced by Tyrod Taylor for the rest of the game.

Peterman actually had a better passer rating throwing to Chargers players than he did his own players. He did have six completions to his teammates and only five to Chargers players, but the Chargers took one of his passes into the endzone for a pick-6, something that the Bills receivers were unable to do with any of Peterman's completed passes.

If Josh Allen isn't ready by week-2, Peterman is sure to have nightmares during the week leading-up to that Chargers rematch. One thing he can count on is that it is highly unlikely that he could do any worse this time around.

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