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A More Favorable 2023 Patriots Win/Loss Prediction

Last week I had shared a win/loss prediction for the 2023 Patriots season that came from, and there were many who didn't agree with the 5-13 record that they predicted.

I'm sure a lot of those people were Patriots fans, so when I came across this more favorable season prediction from I figured I'd share it in case some of you Patriots fans hadn't seen it.

According to they see the 2023 season unfolding something like this:

Week 1 vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Loss

Week 2 vs. Miami Dolphins - Loss

Week 3 at New York Jets - Win

Week 4 at Dallas Cowboys - Loss

Week 5 vs. New Orleans Saints - Win

Week 6 at Las Vegas Raiders - Win

Week 7 vs. Buffalo Bills - Loss

Week 8 at Miami Dolphins - Win

Week 9 vs. Washington Commanders - Win

Week 10 vs. Indianapolis Colts - Win

Week 11 Bye

Week 12 at New York Giants - Loss

Week 13 vs. Los Angeles Chargers - Win

Week 14 at Pittsburgh Steelers - Win

Week 15 vs. Kansas City Chiefs - Loss

Week 16 at Denver Broncos - Win

Week 17 at Buffalo Bills - Loss

Week 18 vs. New York Jets - Win

Predicted 2023 win/loss record - 10-7

Now that should have Patriots fans feeling a little better about the upcoming season.

A 10-7 record would probably get them right in the middle of a Wildcard playoff spot once January rolls around.

Some things I noticed about this prediction:

- doesn't have a high-hopes for the Aaron Rodgers-led New York Jets. The prediction is for the Patriots to win both of those games vs the division opponent.

- After a 1-4 start, they predict the Pats to go 5-1 as they head into the week-11 bye week.

- The Pats win in Miami and lose to the Dolphins in Foxboro? That seems to be backwards. But, either way, splitting with the Dolphins seems to be a good possibility, and I don't think the team or its fans would be too upset with that outcome.

- Week-12 at the Giants seems like it could end-up being a big game. They have the Pats down for a loss, but if they could beat the Giants in Foxboro it would go a long way towards earning them a playoff spot. The Giants are expected to be a middle of the road football team this coming season and a win here seems a very good possibility to me. Of course ex-Pas coach and current Giants head coach Brian Daboll will have something to say about that.

Of course I can give you the definitive without-a-doubt regular season record for the Patriots for the 2023-24 season, but I'll save that post for January 7th, once the regular season has come to an end.

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