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A Potential QB For The Patriots in Round-2

When the Patriots drafted Tom Brady in 2000 he was a big kid with a strong arm and lacked mobility. Of course whatever he lacked in mobility was certainly overshadowed by his tremendous arm talent and ability to read coverage's and throw with accuracy.

So why not take a shot at another kid who has some of the same traits that Brady had 20-years ago?

I'm talking about Florida's Kyle Trask.

Trask is 6'5" tall and weighs 239-pounds. His 4.8-second forty is much faster than Brady's 5.28-seconds, but if you saw Brady run at the combine you know that he wasn't really trying very hard to be the fastest QB in that draft.

This season Trask has a completion percentage of 70%, while throwing for over 3,700-yards and compiling 40 TD's and only 5 INT's.

He threw for at least three TD's in all 10 games this year and threw for six TD's twice.

At this point he is expected to be drafted in round-2, but there is some potential for him to rise up draft boards as we get closer to April. The Patriots will need to take a good long look at him.

He has developed as a very good pocket passer due to his inability to escape the pocket and run for yardage. That is a detriment for many QB's but it has helped Trask learn to make quick reads and deliver the ball on-time. had this to say about him: "Trask has displayed serious pocket-passing ability for the NFL. He has been very accurate in terms of impressive ball placement, timing, field vision, and decision making. Helped by a powerful arm capable of making touch passes, Trask has put on display some natural passing ability in every game. Trask's lack of mobility and teams viewing him as a statue in the pocket are hurting him, but team sources think Trask could be a riser."

"Trask has a thick build, a strong arm, good height and pocket presence, plus draws rave reviews for his character and work ethic."

A big, tall pocket passer with good character and work ethic......sounds familiar to me.

It should sound familiar to everyone in New England and needs to be a kid to keep an eye on. He may need some time to develop at the next level, but a good work ethic can speed that up.

The Patriots will probably be selecting in the middle of the rounds, and if Trask is someone they want to target they may have to reach for hi in round-1. Although trading up in round-2, or potentially back into round-1 for the opportunity to select him before others may be a possibility as well.

I'll have more on him as the draft gets closer, adding any updates and talk I hear about his ability and where he may be expected to be drafted as April approaches.

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