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A Win/Loss Prediction For The 2023 Patriots has put out their 2023 win/loss predictions for every NFL team.

Of course everyone has an opinion, so many will disagree, but just in case some where wondering what the perception from some others is here is a look at how they feel the 2023 Patriots will fair, which is finishing the season with five wins.

You can click the link above to go to the Patriots page.

Week 1- vs. Philadelphia Eagles — LOSS Week 2- vs. Miami Dolphins — LOSS Week 3- @ New York Jets — LOSS Week 4- @ Dallas Cowboys — LOSS Week 5- vs. New Orleans Saints — LOSS Week 6- @ Las Vegas Raiders — WIN Week 7- vs. Buffalo Bills — LOSS Week 8- @ Miami Dolphins — WIN Week 9- vs. Washington Commanders — WIN Week 10- vs. Indianapolis Colts — WIN Week 11- BYE WEEK Week 12- @ New York Giants — LOSS Week 13- vs. Los Angeles Chargers — LOSS Week 14- @ Pittsburgh Steelers — LOSS Week 15- vs. Kansas City Chiefs — LOSS Week 16- @ Denver Broncos — WIN Week 17- @ Buffalo Bills — LOSS Week 18- vs. New York Jets — LOSS

A few things that jump out to me are:

1) has the Patriots slow out of the gate. Losing their first five games, and six out of their first seven. That won't go over well with Patriots fans, and there are some predictions in there that are questionable.

Losing to the Dolphins and Saints at home as well as the Jets in New York will probably have many in disagreement.

2) In week-8 they are predicted to beat the Dolphins in Miami, which has been very tough for the Patriots to do, with or without Tom Brady.

3) If weeks eight, nine and ten are wins, that would be three straight wins heading into the bye week, which will have the team and the fans feeling good about the 2nd-half of the season.

4) Coming out of the bye week in week-12 the prediction here is for the Patriots to lose their next four games and to finish the latter portion of the season going 1-7.

That will surely sour the fan base and have a lot of people talking about the future of the team and its coaching staff.

5) Only twice do the Patriots have a 2-week home stand. The rest of the schedule is back-and-forth with the home and away games.

The 2023 Patriots season is one that will be closely watched by many around the NFL. The thought is that the 2022 season was an anomaly. The fact that they played that season without a true offensive coordinator is widely believed to be the reason the team went 8-9 and missed the playoffs.

With new offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien back with the team the perception around New England is that QB Mac Jones and the offense will be back to the positive growth curve that was expected. also has the Bills and Jets finishing with a 12-5 record and the Dolphins with a 9-8 record. That would put the Patriots at the bottom of the division and likely eliminated from any playoff spot.

If the Patriots can make the playoffs in 2023 all will be right back in Foxboro. If the team does go 5-12 the fan-base will get very restless and owner Bob Kraft may be looking to make some big changes with his team at that point.

Since I'm a Steelers fan some of you may be wondering what the prediction is for the Steelers in 2023. has the Steelers finishing at 10-7.

They also have the Bengals at 13-4, the Ravens at 10-7 and the Browns at 8-9.

** Footnote: Their Cowboys prediction is 11-6.

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Jul 04, 2023

After back to back 12 win seasons for Dallas, that would be a slight step back but likely a playoff spot.

Gilmore and Cooks signing is a definite improvement in a couple of much needed spots. Prescott's interception total was likely an anomaly. All in all I would take an 11 win season. Hoping they win the East though!


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