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Belichick Reportedly Made a Trade Offer For Aaron Rodgers

It's not often that the New York Jets are a better trade destination for players, but that is reportedly the case when it came to Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay.

Craig Carton of FS1 is reporting that the Patriots made an offer to the Packers and Rodgers, but the QB's agent told the Patriots that he would be playing for the Jets instead. "No, we ain't playing for New England. We want to be a Jet."

Now that Rodgers is in New York, and the story comes out that Belichick was interested in acquiring a QB in the off-season, one has to wonder how it will affect the already strained relationship between Belichick and 3rd-year QB Mac Jones.

On Thursday, Boston Sports Journal's Greg Bedard wrote the following after watching day-3 of Patriots mini-camp: "And it's obvious that he (Belichick) and Mac Jones are avoiding each other, which isn't horrible, but it's just stupid and wasted energy. Belichick is supposed to be the adult in the room, so he needs to clean this mess up. It's childish."

The Patriots have made moves to try and erase what was a step backwards during the 2022 season, but keeping the peace between Jones and Belichick will be paramount in their attempt to put the train back on the tracks in 2023.

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