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CT's Week-15 Betting Best Bets - Saturday Edition

I went two-out- of-three last week. Hit for $100 and lost $33 for a total of +$67.

+$50 on -3 Ravens on Monday night.

+50 on -2 Bills on Sunday night.

-$33 on +1 Falcons.

= A total of +$67

That's not losing! And that's not common for me this year.

In week-15 I'll look to build on that $67 with three more picks that you'd be wise to avoid.

Here goes........

Saturday 4:30

Bills -5 at Broncos (over/under 49.5)

The Bills have won three straight, and six of their last seven.

Josh Allen will attack a Broncos defense that only has three cornerbacks on its current roster due to injuries and a suspension.

The Broncos pass defense ranks 27th in the league and they should struggle to stop a red-hot Bills passing attack.

I'll give the points and lay $50 on the Bills (-5) in Denver on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday 8:15

Packers -8 vs Panthers (over/under 51.5)

The Packers could be the best team in football right now. Or, it could be that their last three games were wins came against the Bears, Eagles and Lions.

They are #2 in the league in passing yards per game, behind only the Chiefs.

The Panthers have played good teams tough this year, but have only four wins to this point. Losing a heart-breaker to the Broncos last week could be tough to come back from when you have nothing really to play for, but the opportunity to beat Aaron Rogers in Green Bay should keep have them fully focused, or they'll get embarrassed on National television.

I'm too concerned about what the Panthers are capable of with their running game and weapons at WR to give the 8-points and take the Packers. I'm tempted, but can't do it.

I'm also tempted to take the points and the Panthers, but the 8-point spread seems like a good number and I think the score should fall close to either side of this line. I just can't be confident on which side.

Therefor, I'll tease this one. I'll lay $30 and take the Panthers +14 and over the total of 45.5-points.

Since it's an NFL Saturday I'll splurge a little and also add a third bet to the day.

Drinking beer on a Saturday and betting on football only makes sense.

So, I'll also throw an additional $30 on the Panthers to score more than 20.5-points in this one.

Again, if you're smart you would probably bet the exact opposite than what I have here. I did go 2-outs-3 last week, so that should mean that this is a week of reckoning where I'll go 0-3 on Saturday. But there's always Sunday football to try to make it all back if that happens!

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