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Divisional Round Predictions


4:30 Jaguars at Chiefs (-9.5 / 53)

8:15 Giants at Eagles (-8 / 48)


3:00 Bengals at Bills (-5.5 / 49)

6:30 Cowboys at 49'ers (-4 / 46.5)

All four home teams are favored. Odds are that at least one of them will lose. Who will it be?

My picks for Saturday's Divisional Round games:

Jaguars at Chiefs

The Jaguars are the biggest underdog this weekend. Can they really go into Kansas City and beat the Chiefs? Probably not, but they have a puncher's chance, I guess.

Weather won't be a factor, so the Jaguars will just have to be the better team - plain and simple.

The Chiefs are coming off a bye and the Jaguars are coming off a huge come from behind win in Los Angeles last week.

Injuries shouldn't play a part in the outcome of this one, either.

The Chiefs will be without WR Mecole Hardman, but there are still plenty of weapons for Patrick Mahomes to target.

The Jaguars are relatively healthy. QB Trevor Lawrence is listed as questionable again (Toe) but he'll certainly be ready to go for this one.

These two defenses are fairly equal. The Chiefs have the offensive edge due to their league-leading passing offense. The Jag's will need to run the ball, limit the time of possession for the Chiefs and hit some big plays in order to keep pace.

Can Trevor Lawrence rise to an elite-level QB and shock the world?

I'll take the Chiefs 33-24.

Giants at Eagles

The Eagles finished tied with the Chiefs with the best record in the NFL - 14-3.

They are coming off their bye week and will have a better rested and healed Jalen Hurts.

When he is healthy he can put his team on his back and carry them to victory by himself.

If he is 100% the Giants don't stand much of a chance.

The Giants 25th-ranked defense will have a tough time slowing the Eagles offense in Philly. Their 27th-ranked run defense will be facing the Eagles' 5th-ranked rushing offense. That's where their defense will have to step-up.

The Giants have the 4th-ranked rushing offense and will have to continue to run effectively against the Eagles, who have the #1-ranked passing defense in the league.

The Eagles led the league with 70 sacks. The next closest team was the Chiefs with 55.

Only five teams have given-up more sacks than the Giants.

QB Danny Jones will need to rush for 100-yards if the Giants are to keep moving the chains. They need to stay away from too many 3rd-and-longs. The Eagles defense will feast on Jones if they have too many opportunities to pin their ears back and get after him on long passing downs.

It's the Eagles defense that is probably over-looked in this one.

Jalen Hurts will undoubtedly be a big part of the highlight reel, but it will be the Eagles defense that controls this game.

Neither weather nor injuries will play a part in this one.

Give me the Eagles 32-20

I'll make my picks on Sunday's games in the morning.

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