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Here's what I'm betting on Sunday's Divisional Round games

Today's lines:

Bengals at Bills -5.5 and 48.5

Cowboys at 49'ers - 4 and 46.5

The Bengals didn't look like they were intimidated in Buffalo a few weeks ago when the game was cut short due to the near death of Damar Hamlin.

They scored 10-points on two possessions and led 10-3 when the game was called-off.

Joe Burrow is unflappable. Josh Allen is dynamic. I'll call the QB position a tie. The running game and defense goes to the Bengals.

So, I like the Bengals to at least cover the 5-1/2 points, and would not be surprised one bit if they win this game.

The 49'ers are riding QB Brock Purdy's 7-game winning streak as an NFL quarterback.

The playoffs proved to be no big deal for the rookies first time in one. He was flawless and composed at home, and that's where he'll be today vs the Cowboys.

Can the Cowboys rattle the young kid? No one else has been able to do it. But, Purdy hasn't faced a pressure defense like the Cowboys have.

LB Micah Parsons will be the one that Dallas uses to try and get the rookie QB outside his comfort zone.

The 49'ers though, is the team with the best defense in the league. Nick Bosa and company will have QB Dak Prescott feeling the pressure of a good pass rush as well.

Prescott will need to once again limit his turnovers, as he did in the Wildcard game vs the Buc's. If he can take care of the ball and make a couple plays down the field the Cowboys have a chance.

If the Cowboys defense can get Purdy off his spots and keep him guessing about where the pressure is coming from, that chance would be more of a very good chance.

I think the Cowboys pressure defense will at least keep this one close, so I'll take the 4-points and lay my money on the Cowboys.

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