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History Could Be Made When The Seahawks Play The Patriots On Sunday Night

It's prime time for the Patriots and Seahawks Sunday night, and it's possible that we may see something that has never happened in an NFL game.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson rushed for 29-yards against the Falcons last week, which was enough to lead his team in rushing yards.

Patriots QB Cam Newton had 75-yards rushing against the Dolphins last week, and that was also enough to lead his team in rushing yards.

When the two teams play in week-2, it's possible that these two quarterbacks once again lead their teams in rushing yards. If that were to happen would it be the first time in NFL history that two opposing quarterbacks led their teams in rushing yards in the same game?

I've tried to find info on that stat but I couldn't locate anything about it. Possibly that's because it's never happened before.

It's something to keep an eye on while watching on Sunday night because it's possible that you could be watching history in the making.

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