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It can't get any worse for the Steelers. So, there's no turning back now.

The Steelers had seen 14 quarters of Mitch Trubisky trying to move the offense.

At this point in the game yesterday, there was time for one more play before the half in their game against the Jets in the Steel City. This last play of the half wouldn't involve Trubisky. It would be left to the foot of Kicker Chris Boswell, so there was a chance.

Boswell booted a 59-yard field goal thru the uprights to bring his team within four points of the Jets as the teams headed to the locker rooms.

Yup, the Jets were winning. It had gotten that bad for the Steelers.

Boswell's Acrisure Stadium record kick of 59-yards was his second field goal of the first half and cut the Jets lead to 10-6.

Thirty minutes of football against one of the worst teams in the league and the Steelers could only manage two long field goals. It was time.

QB Mitch Trubisky probably didn't know it at the time, but that was probably the last time he'd jog to the locker room as the Steelers starting quarterback.

He finished the 1st-half throwing for 86-yards and one interception while getting sacked three times and posting a QB rating of 41.8.

His previous 12 quarters of play didn't go much better than his last two.

Thru three games his offense averaged 17-points per game and he was unable to post a QB rating higher than 81 in any of those games and finished as the lowest rated passer in the league thru four weeks.

It has always been known that Trubisky's time as the Steelers starting QB was limited, but the team was hoping they wouldn't have to see rookie QB Kenny Pickett any time soon. Well, soon is here and the time is now.

Pickett entered the game at the start of the 3rd-quarter after Coach Tomlin said his team needed a spark. After all, they were losing to the Jets, and the fans were getting restless.

After collecting 14-yards on five straight runs it was time to unleash "KP8".

That didn't go according to plan either.

Pickett's first NFL pass was sent deep to WR Chase Claypool who had the ball deflect off his hands and into those of Jets' CB Jordan Whitehead.

Not the start he was hoping for.

It didn't take long for him to get another shot. Five plays later Minkha Fitzpatrick intercepted a Zach Wilson pass at the Jets 38-yard line and returned it 24-yards to the Jets 4-yard line.

On first down Pickett threw for a 2-yard gain, and after a Nahjee Harris' 1-yard gain on 2nd-down Picket rolled right and dove into the endzone for his first career NFL touchdown. The Steelers had the lead 13-10 and the stadium seemed alive again.

On his next opportunity Pickett added to his rushing TD total when he once again took a quick look at his targets and decided to tuck and run right again for a rookie record two rushing touchdowns in a quarterbacks first game.

The lead was now 20-10 and the new era was here! Pickett entered the game and saved the team from dropping an embarrassing loss to the Jets in Pittsburgh!

Not so fast.

On the next Jets possession they put together a 10-play drive that ended with a Wilson 5-yard TD pass to Corey Davis. 20-17 Steelers.

There was 7-1/2 minutes left in the 4th-quarter and the Steelers had the ball with their new rookie hopeful and a renewed feeling that this team could be relevant again in the near future,

But, the rookie giveth and the rookie taketh away.

Pickett had connected with fellow rookie WR George Pickens for a 29-yard completion and moved the ball to the Jets 36-yard line with 3:42 left to play.

That's when the rookie reminded the 66,000 fans what rookies could do to your dreams. He promptly made a bad decision trying to get the ball to TE Pat Freiermuth on 2nd-down and 15 and the throw ended-up in the waiting hands of CB Michael Carter.

No field goal attempt, no touchdown, no joy.

But, the Steelers still had a lead and a defense that was quite capable of holding the Jets offense one more time in order to escape with a win.

Well, ten plays later those dreams went up in smoke as well.

RB Breece Hall stretched the ball over the goal line from 2-yards out and the Jets had the lead back and left the Steelers with 16-seconds to work with.

No time for a win with 16-seconds left, but Pickett did have time for one more INT.

His 50-yard endzone heave landed in the arms of the Jets' Lamarcus Joyner and there was no joy in Mudville, again.

Pickett finished 10-of-13 for 120-yards and 3 INT's to go along with his two rushing TD's.

All good enough for a shaky QB rating of 65.1. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for more playing time, but he did show that the league wasn't too big for him.

He had one bad INT, as the others were off of a WR's hands and a Hail Mary throw at the end of the game.

That INT may have cost them the game, but perhaps he showed that he just may be able to save their season. If it all goes according to plan.

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