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Mac Jones or Brock Purdy?

Everyone who watches football knows who Brock Purdy is by now.

The last pick in the 2022 NFL draft is 7-0 as the 49'ers starting quarterback since taking over for Jimmy Garoppolo back in week-13.

He is also 1-0 in the playoffs after his team beat-up on the Seahawks in the Wildcard round on Saturday.

Purdy's accomplishments made me wonder what Patriots fans would think about swapping Mac Jones for Brock Purdy. Would anyone be willing to make that trade if it was possible?

When looking at the 2022 stats, remember that Brock Purdy started six games in the regular season, and Mac Jones started 14 games.

Regular season stats comparison:

Average yards passing per game:

Purdy 152.7

Jones 214.1

Touchdown %: (percentage of touchdowns thrown when attempting a pass)

Purdy 7.6%

Jones 3.2%

Completion %:

Purdy 67.1%

Jones 65.2%

Passer rating:

Purdy 107.3

Jones 84.8

Yards per pass attempt:

Purdy 8.1

Jones 6.8

Sack percentage:

Purdy 6.1%

Jones 7.1%

Interception %:

Purdy 2.4%

Jones 2.5%


Purdy 23

Jones 24

So, would you do it?

We know that Mac Jones regressed in year-2. There is considerable belief that a lot of that regression was due to Jones playing in a new offensive system and a lack of a proven offensive coordinator. Keeping that it mind it makes the decision a tough one.

If Jones were to play the 2023 season with an upgrade at the offensive coordinator would his numbers revert back to what they were in 2021? That unknown makes the decision a tough one.

Will Brock Purdy find it tougher in 2023 when defenses have more of a menu on what he is good at and what he struggles with?

Will a sophomore slump be part of his second season as it is for many NFL quarterbacks?

For many, I believe the decision wouldn't be an easy one. But, if you had to make the decision today, would you do it?

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