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More Than A Rumor: Zeke Elliot To The Patriots?

Free agent running backs Zeke Elliot and Dalvin Cook are still free to sign with whatever team they choose. Have they made those decisions yet? Former New England Patriots exec Michael Lombardi believes they have, and has reason to believe that Elliot will sign with the Patriots next week.

Lombardi was asked about Elliott and Dalvin Cook on

During a recent interview on the "The Pat McAfee Show", Lombardi shared what he believes is going to happen with the two veteran running backs. "I think Dalvin and Zeke are gonna sign with two weeks to go (before the season starts),” Lombardi said. "I think both know where they're gonna go. I think both don't want to play yet until camp gets over."

The Patriots are the only team that Elliot has visited after he was released by the Cowboys in a salary cap move, so one would have to assume the team in which Lombardi is referring to that Elliot has a future deal in place with is the Patriots.

If that's the case, why wait you ask? Well, there could be a number of reasons, but my guess would be that it's just too hot to sign now and go through the rigors of training camp when he could sign at a later time and miss a lot of the blood, sweat and tears that go along with training in July and August.

We'll have to wait and see, but Lombardi does have past connections with Bill Belichick that make his comments worth more than just someone's opinion.

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