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NEMFFL Playoff Round-1 Recap

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The Stymdogs and Big T&D's had the weekend off, but for the four other playoff teams it was win or claim your stake in the 2021 draft order.

The Seabass hosted the Wops in the East Division while the Porchdrunks hosted The Law Firm in the North Division. Both games were good, and one wasn't decided until there was 4-minutes left in the first half of the Monday night game.

The Seabass headed into this match-up without their top running back as Washington's Antonio Gibson had a bum toe and was inactive this week. Giovani Bernard was inserted in place of Gibson and it didn't workout for the Seabass.

The writing was on the wall early in this one as the Seabass came out of the gates limping thru the 1:00 games.

QB Deshaun Watson only managed 8-points vs the Bears, and Giovani Bernard and Kicker Dan Bailey posted zeros.

Meanwhile, the Wops had early production with RB David Montgomery posting 11-points and WR Tyreek Hill pulling-down 13-points in the early Sunday games.

The day got a little better for the Seabass as it went on, as RB Chris Carson ran thru the Jets for 7-points and WR Davante Adams carved-up the Lions for his 9-points.

The Wops' WR DK Metcalf, who they traded for before the deadline, also put up 7-points during the Seahawks late afternoon game, and the Wops were well on their way to a divisional round playoff game with the Stymdogs.

The Seabass did get a great game from DL Chase Young on Sunday night, as he wrecked the Steelers offense all night while compiling 11-points. But, it was too little too late by that time, and even his great game couldn't catch the Wops and their 54-points.

Final Score: Wops 55 Seabass 44.5

In the other game, The Law Firm and Porchdrunks fought it out into Monday night.

The Law Firm saw his team put-up mediocre scores thru the early games.

The 4:00 games was where his team made the most noise.

Kicker Rodrigo Blankenship booted his way to 14-points in Las Vegas and WR Keenan Allen chipped-in with 7-points in Atlanta. Unfortunately for The Law Firm, those two players were the only guys that would be considered to have had good games.

Tom Brady deserves a finger pointed his way, as he fell well short of his projected total and only mustered 8-points against the Vikings at 1:00.

WR Just Jefferson had been a great free-agent pick-up for The Lawfirm, but his very disappointing 1-point was a big blow to their chances of advancing.

LB Foye Oluokun (who the fuck is that?) did his part with a sack and 10 total tackles, good for 7-points, and DL Jason Pierre-Paul posted 5.5-points with a strip-sack.

Those totals kept The Lawfirm close, and they had the lead heading into Monday night, but their odds of winning this one weren't very promising before that game kicked-off at 8:20pm.

The Porchdrunks may have struggled early, but they saved their best for last.

They did get good production out of LB Roquan Smith, RB Alvin Kamara and K Ryan Succop in the earlier games, but there was still some meat on the bone when QB Josh Allen hit the field on Sunday night and RB Nick Chubb got going on Monday night.

Allen posted 12-points, which was enough to keep it close going into the Monday night game. Nick Chubb and DB DeShon Elliot were left with the task of making-up an eight point deficit the Porchdrunk's faced as they waited for this Monday-nighter to get underway.

DeShon Elliot did his fair share as he put-up a respectable 3-points, but it was Nick Chubb that broke The Lawfirm's back.

Chubb, a free-agent pick-up for the Porchdrunks in week-10, made sure that the lights went out for good in the offices of The Lawfirm.

Chubb didn't wait long, either. When the first half was over, he already had over 50-yards and two touchdowns. The right to challenge Big T&D's for the keys to the North Division belonged to the Porchdrunks with a 66-59 win.


Porchdrunks at Big T&D's

Wops at Stymdogs

Winners advance to the 2020 NEMFFL Superbowl.

I'm hoping to do a match-up preview of these two games, but we'll see what happens.

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