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NEMFFL Week-13 Recap And Playoff Seedings

There were a few games in week-13 with major playoff implications, but most of them lost their suspenseful shine early-on in this weeks games.

In the North Division the battle for the division title and a playoff bye wasn't much of a battle after all, as Big T&D's team came out of the locker room with a vengeance and stayed in playoff-mode throughout the weekend.

The Porchdrunks got a big 22-point performance from QB Josh Allen on Monday night but it was much too little to challenge Big T&D's 102.5-points this week.

The Porchdrunks got good production from almost everyone in their line-up, as it was only WR DeVante Parker that fell far short of his projection, posting a zero.

The team was looking for a win and the division title, but they did win four out of their final six regular season games and have claimed the #2 seed in the North.

At 1:00 Big T&D's opened the flood gates, as TE Darren Waller and LB Josh Shobert put on a show that would put the team out in front to stay. The rest of the team followed suit.

Waller had 200-yards and two TD's for 17-points vs the Jets, and Shobert had a sack, a pick-6, seven assisted tackles and 5 solo tackles, good for 14.5-points vs the Vikings.

From there it was solid production up and down the line-up that led to the statement 102.5 - 68.5 win as Big T&D's heads to their playoff bye week in week-14.

The Porchdrunks will play the Lawfirm in round-1 of the playoffs in week-14.

The other game that had playoff implications in week-13 in the North Division was the game between Football Furies and The Law Firm.

Both teams entered this one needing a win to punch their ticket to the 2020 NEMFFL playoffs.

This match-up was a close one through Sunday's 4:00 games, but when the sun was setting on the west coast it also appeared to be setting on the playoff hopes of the Football Furies.

If the Furies are going to point a finger at anyone after this loss it will be at QB Justin Herbert (3-points) and RB Clyde Edwards-Hellaire (0-points), as both players fell well short of their projected totals and cost the Furies a playoff spot.

A finger also could be pointed at Chiefs coach Andy Reid for declaring Edwards-Hellaire as an "Active" player in the game vs the Broncos, but then the coach decided to not even let the rookie RB step foot onto the field.

TE Travis Kelce was the team's only true bright spot in this one, as the Furies limped to a 43.5-point total, and didn't get much else from anywhere on their roster.

The Furies lost their last three games and five out of their last seven, and their playoff push lasted thru the regular season but came up short in the end.

The Lawfirm fell a little short of their projected point total but the 56-points they posted turned-out to be plenty for them to get a win and punch their ticket to the playoffs.

The team got decent production up and down their line-up with the exception of a zero posted by RB Raheem Mostert.

The Lawfirm has been alternating wins and losses since week-7, and continuing that trend with a win on the final week of the regular season has them advancing into the playoffs to face the Porchdrunks in round-1. Their 7-9 record may be a little deceiving since they finished 6-th in league scoring but have faced the most points against than any other team, having to absorb a league-high 1035-points against.

Perhaps with a win in round-1 they could find the energy and emotion to improve their team's logo.


In the East Division the only thing undecided heading into the final week of regular season action was who was going to claim the division title and the first-round bye.

The Stymdogs were looking to push their win streak to 4-games and claim the top spot and hold-off the surging Seabass for the division crown.

When the dust settled the division standings didn't change, as both teams won and the Stymdogs held-on to the top spot in the dividion.

The Seabass did their part with a win and posted a respectable 58-points, but they needed help from the Armadillos and didn't get it.

The Seabass have now won eleven straight games since losing to Stymdogs in week-4, and enter the playoffs as the leagues hottest team. They will host the Wops in round-1 of the playoffs in week-14.

Stymdogs has now won four straight and haven't lost since week-10 vs Seabass, when they posted their season-low 47-points. The only other Stymdogs loss was in week-2 when they put up 70-points but still lost to the Wops 71.5 - 70.

Stymdogs enters the playoffs with the leagues best record at 14-2 and finished second in points scored for the season, behind only the Wops.

The Stymdogs will now enter their playoff bye week and wait to see who they'll be facing in round-2.

The Wops could not improve or hurt their playoff standing in week-13, as they had already locked-up the #3 spot in the division.

But, they held a slim 3-point lead over Stymdogs and a 5.5-point lead over Seabass for the leagues crown of highest scoring team regular season team.

This match-up vs the Bad Larry's was one the Wops were supposed to win, and they made no doubt about that with a 64 - 22.5 pummeling, while handing the 'Larry's their fourth straight loss.

Their wasn't any one player Coach Mike Harris may consider giving an extra pat on the back to, as his team was just solid up and down its roster. That is trend the Wops have enjoyed for most of the season.

Those 64-points were enough to hold-off the Seabass and Stymdogs for the point scoring title for the 2020 regular season, with a total of 1,020-points they finished

11.5-points ahead of Seabass and 6.5-points ahead of Stymdogs.

The Wops will face-off with the Seabass in round-1 and should be the favorite, depending on match-ups, but putting an end to Seabass' 11-game win streak certainly won't be easy. The winner gets the rested Stymdogs at the dog pound.

If you didn't see your team logo in this write-up it's because, like mine, your team sucked and didn't even have a shot at making the playoffs!

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