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Patriots CB Jack Jones' Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him

In May, NBA's Memphis Grizzlies star Point Guard Ja Morant took to Twitter to share a video of himself holding a hand gun, for the third time in three months.

That video led to a 35-game suspension for Morant.

It also prompted Patriots 2nd-year Cornerback Jack Jones to write some words of wisdom to Morant.

@JaMorant dumb.. you letting social media and yo pride ruin yo real money, Put them guns down and run that money up. Make one of yo homies sign up for security or concealed carry if you feel like you need it that bad.. but you the bread winner you gotta start acting like it..”

That sounds like sound advice from Jones to Morant, but Jones didn't heed his own advice. On Friday he was arrested on multiple gun chargers at Logan Airport.

Jones was charged with two counts each of the following offenses:

- possession of a concealed weapon in a secure area of an airport

- Possession of ammunition without a firearm identification card

- Unlawful possession of a firearm

- Carrying a loaded firearm

- Possession of a large-capacity feeding device

Again, that's two counts each. Those are a lot of charges to fend-off.

Why would Jones be so careless to carry two loaded firearms through a security checkpoint at Logan airport?

Not only did he carry those loaded firearms thru a security checkpoint, he didn't even have a license to carry them outside the airport, or anywhere else.

It certainly sounded like he understood the consequences of being careless with firearms when he sent the tweet to Morant, but apparently that's not the case.

Jones posted $30,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in east Boston on Monday.

There's sure to be league consequences stemming from his arrest.

It would appear that the Patriots will be needing to add to the depth of their secondary during Jones' absence, whoever long that might be.

One thing that Jones can be sure of is that Bill Belichick has cut players for a lot less.

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