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Revisiting My Patriots Win Total Prediction After 3 Games

Three games are in the 2022 NFL season history books so I figured I'd check back in on my 2022 Patriots season win total prediction that I originally posted back on May 9th.

In week-1 the Patriots were on the road and back in one of the stadiums they've had their worst luck in over the past couple decades - Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

My original prediction:

"At Dolphins:

The Patriots always struggle in Miami and there's no reason to think anything differently this time around.

Dolphins in a close game."

Mac Jones threw an interception and the Patriots lost two fumbles. The Dolphins didn't have any turnovers, and that was the difference in this one.

Dolphins 20 Patriots 7

In week-2 the Patriots were on the road again. This time in Pittsburgh vs Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers.

Original prediction:

"At Steelers:

No Big Ben, but the will have Mitch Trubisky at QB. That won't scare many defenses.

The Steelers will try to run Nahjee Harris all day and hope turnovers won't be the difference.

The Patriots will look to exploit the Steelers and their 2021 worse run defense in the league.

The team that can run it better will win this one.

I'll take the Patriots here because Mitch Trubisky will be unable to make enough plays thru the air and the Patriots will be the better run defense."

Both teams struggled offensively in this one, but the Patriots ended-up on top in this battle of offensive ineptitude.

The Steelers turned it over twice and the Pats only once. The Steelers also lost the yardage battle 376 to 243.

Patriots 17 Steelers 14

Week-3 had the Patriots back in Foxboro for their home opener against the 2-0 Ravens.

Original prediction:

"Vs Baltimore:

The Ravens finished the 2021 at 8-9 after starting-out at 8-3. They had a league-high 19 players on injured/reserved and those injuries included some of their top players on both sides of the ball.

Both Running backs J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards were lost before the season started. That was also the case for starting Pro Bowl Cornerback Marcus Peters.

The injuries kept piling-up and the team crumbled and missed the playoffs.

I expect the Ravens to be back to their old selves if they can stay healthy this year, and Lamar Jackson will always be a threat to be reckoned with.

For those reasons I expect a Ravens win here in Foxboro."

Lamar Jackson passed for 4 TD's and ran in another one. The Patriots lost a fumble and Mac Jones threw three INT's. Those turnovers ended-up the difference in this one.

The Ravens took a 14-13 lead into the locker room at halftime, but outscored the Patriots 23-13 in the 2nd-half.

Mac Jones was 22-of-32 for 321-yards, but turned it over on four of their last five drives of the game. End of story.

Ravens 37 Patriots 26

So, through three games I am 3-0 with the Patriots pre-season win total prediction.

I had them with a total of seven wins on the season.

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