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Stats For Mac Jones After Two NFL Games And Where He Ranks In The League

After two NFL starts Mac Jones has done as good as anyone could expect, if not better.

Let's take a quick look at his numbers compared to the other QB's thus far.

(These rankings don't include Monday night's game between the Packers and Lions.)

Attempts: 69

Tied for 14th with two other QB's. Note: Derek Carr leads with 93.

Completions: 51

Tied for 8th with Patrick Mahomes Note: Tom Brady is 5th and has 56

Completion %: 73.9

6th in NFL Note: Brady is 23rd at 65.1%

Touchdowns: 1

Tied for 27th with four other QB's. Note: Brady leads the NFL with 9

Interceptions: 0

Tied for 1st with 15 other QB's. Note: Z Wilson/T Lawrence have 6

Yards per game avg: 233.5

21st in the NFL. Note: Mahomes is 3rd at 340-yards

Sacks: 4

Tied for 10th with 12 other QB's. Note: Zack Wilson (Jets) has the most at 10

Passer rating: 96.7

17th in the NFL. Note: Brady is 7th at 113.3

**Total Quarterback Rating: 53.4

18th in the NFL. Note: Tyrod Taylor leads at 84.5

Yards Per Pass Attempt: 6.8

23rd in the NFL. Note: Russel Wilson (SEA) leads at 11.1

Longest Pass Play: 32-yards

29th in the NFL. Note: Brady ranked 19th at 47-yards

** From ESPN - The intent of Total QBR is to isolate each NFL quarterback's contribution to his team's fortunes as accurately as possible with the data available. It measures nearly every aspect of quarterback play, from passing to designed runs to scrambles to turnovers to penalties. QBR also strives to separate the performance of the individual quarterback from the rest of his team, all in an effort to rate the overall efficiency of each quarterback in the league.

QBR also accounts for opposing defenses: Quarterbacks who face tougher defenses will have their ratings adjusted upward in proportion to the difficulty of their opposition, and those who face weaker defenses will have their ratings adjusted downward. This is one more step toward gaining a true measure of overall quarterback performance

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