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Steelers 2022 Win Total Prediction

The over/under number for their win total at most sports books is 7.5.

That number seems to be pretty fair and accurate to me. I would consider throwing-down on the over here.

In order of their schedule...........

@ Bengals

The Steelers will open-up on the road against the AFC Champions. That won't put them in a good position to start the season on the right foot.

Joe Burrow was sacked 55 times last season, 3rd-most in the league, and if the Steelers are to hang with the Bengals they have to continue that trend.

This off-season, the Bengals signed three free agents to the offensive line – center Ted Karras, right guard Alex Cappa, and right tackle La’el Collins. They also added a 5th-round Guard in the draft, so their 30th-ranked offensive line should see marked improvement.

The Bengals defensive was even better then the Steelers last season, so the Bengals ought to be at least a TD favorite in this one. They also won both games between the two last year.

Like almost everyone else, I'll take the Bengals in this one.

Steelers record: 0-1

Vs Patriots

Mac Jones will feel some heat off the edges in Pittsburgh.

The Patriots have had the Steelers number for a long time, but this time they won't have Tom Brady.

On paper this one seems like an equal match. It ought to come down to who is able to run the ball better or who wins the turnover battle.

I'll assume Mitch Trubisky will be under center for the Steelers, and he is usually good about limiting INT's.

I'll take the Steelers at home in a low-scoring tight one.

Steelers record: 1-1

@ Browns

The Steelers won in Cleveland last season, but lost to them at home. It's Thursday night football this time around.

Desaun Watson is an-track to be the QB for the Browns, and that makes it tough to predict this one.

Watson can win with his legs though, and neither Trubisky or Kenny Pickett can do that.

The Browns 5th-ranked defense in 2021, the addition of WR Amari Copper and Watson will make it real hard for the Steelers to repeat in Cleveland this year.

Give me the Browns by two TD's in this one.

Steelers record: 1-2

Vs Jets

If the Steelers are going to be in contention for a playoff spot at the end of the season they will need to win games that they are supposed to win.

The Jets may have aced the draft, but it's still early and in Pittsburgh.

Steelers win one that's closer than it should be.

Steelers record: 2-2

@ Bills

There's no need to dissect this game.

The Bills would need to have a melt-down to lose this one.

Steelers record: 2-3

Vs Buccaneers

The Steelers got to face the Patriots without Brady earlier in the season, but Tom is back in Pittsburgh for this one.

If the Steelers can make Brady uncomfortable in the pocket they may have a shot in this one, but that won't happen, and even if it did the Buc's would just run it down the Steelers throat and win it that way.

Steelers record: 2-4

@ Dolphins

It will be hot in Miami in October, and the Steelers won't be.

The Steelers will have trouble trying to cover Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill, and TE Mike Gisecki will make it that much harder.

The Steelers have a chance if they can run if effectively and control the clock, but that's their only chance.

The 'Fins are improving and the Steelers will be still looking for an identity on offense.

Too much sun and not a lot of fun for the Steelers. A Sunday night loss and their 2nd loss in prime time.

Steelers record: 2-5

@ Eagles

Jalen Hurts in year-2, along with WR's A.J. Brown, Quez Watkins and DeVonta Smith, would seem to be too much for the Steelers defense to hold down enough for their offense to make enough plays.

The Eagles front-4 will also cause a lot of problems for the Steelers.

Philly at home will get the win.

Steelers record: 2-6

Vs Saints

The Saints will cause the same problems as the Eagles did the previous week.

The Steelers offense will struggle to put-up enough points to stay in this game into the 4th-quarter. The Steelers defense will have its hands full with Alvin Kamara, Jarvis Landry, Michael Thomas and rookie WR Chris Olave.

Steelers lose five in a row.

Steelers record: 2-7

Vs Cincinnati

There's no reason to dissect this one, until the Steelers show they can run with the big dogs in the league. It;s another Sunday night game and another prime time loss.

Steelers record: 2-8

@ Colts

Now it's Monday night and the Steelers get Matt Ryan and the Colts.

It will be RB Jonathan Taylor that gives the Steelers problems. The Steelers were the worst in the league at stopping the run in 2021, so Taylor should shine under the lights in this one.

The Colts front-7 will also make it a long night for the offense.

Seventh loss in a row.

Steelers record: 2-9

@ Falcons

Can the Steelers stop Marcus Mariota and Cordarrelle Patterson? Maybe, but they will probably also have trouble with rookie WR Drake London and TE Kyle Pitts.

The Steelers offense should be able to move the ball a little be in this one. They will need Najee Harris to control this game.

I'll give the edge to the Steelers depth and think they can win this one.

Steelers record: 3-9

Vs Ravens

The Ravens have too much on offense for the Steelers to compete with.

The Steelers offense will be forced out of their comfort zone and turnovers will play a part in this one.

Ravens take the first game of the two this season.

Steelers record: 3-10

@ Panthers

This will be Christian McCaffery vs Najee Harris. QB Sam Darnold and whoever is playing QB for the Steelers will struggle in this one.

I'll give the edge to the Steelers defense and look for a win here.

Steelers record: 4-10

Vs Raiders

It's Sunday night football vs the Raiders.

RB Josh Jacobs and WR Davante Adams will prove to be a little too much.

I think it will be a close game, but It's another prime time loss for the Steelers.

Steelers record: 4-11

@ Ravens

The Steelers still aren't ready to plat with the caliber of team the Ravens are.

These games are always physical and close. but Lamar Jackson and company will do much better than the Steelers offense.

Steelers record: 4-12

Vs Browns

It's in Pittsburgh for this one, and the game time right now is TBD. That's probably because the league may want to showcase this divisional game on prime time TV, but that won't happen. These two teams will be heading in opposite directions.

Browns get a rare win in Pittsburgh, again.

Steelers record: 4-13

Ouch. A 4-win season. Could that really happen? I wouldn't have thought that until taking a look at their opponents and schedule, but even if the pull-out a couple of unexpected wins they'd finish at 6-11. That's still a painful season to have to endure as a Steelers fan.

We can expect to see these types of finishes until they find a franchise quarterback. Perhaps Kenny Pickett will be that guy, but he's going to take at least a year before he will be ready for the speed of the NFL.

The last time the Steelers won less than five games in a season was in 1969, so hopefully my win/loss prediction is way off.

The last time they had a losing record was in 2003 when they went 6-10.

Either way, one thing we can all agree on.......when the playoffs start the Steelers will be watching from someplace warmer than Pittsburgh and their fans will be after this season.

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