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Strato-O-Matic Simulated The 2023 Patriots Season

The NFL season is not far away, but there's still some off-season to get through filled with hope, predictions and opinions. So why not post the results of a computer simulated Patriots season.

The folks at Strato-O-Matic ran the 2023 Patriots predicted roster against the predicted 2023 rosters of their opponents. There was some good results and a bad result.

First the good. In week-1 the simulation has the Patriots beating the NFC Champion Eagles in Foxboro. Now that would surely have the fans in New England feeling pretty good about the team going forward.

The simulation also has the Patriots beating the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in Foxboro in week-15. The Patriots defense only gave-up 16-points to the mighty Chiefs offense in the game as well. Now that's something to hang your hat on.

Sandwiched between those two wins were also victories against the Saints, Raiders, Commanders, Colts and Steelers.

The problem is that those were the seven total wins the simulation has the Patriots getting in 2023.

The predicted 7-10 final record would likely see the Patriots coming-up short of a playoff appearance for the second season in a row, and would surely make the natives restless.

The simulation also has them losing all six games to their AFC East opponents.

Obviously nobody will put any stock into a computer generated guess as to what will happen nest season. Especially when that computer has the Patriots beating the Eagles and Chiefs but only winning five games out of the other fifteen on he schedule.

Below is the simulation results. And remember, don't shoot the messenger.

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