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Sunday's Week-15 Best Bets - Update & My Steelers vs Bengals Pick

I went into Sunday's games up $51. I made it thru those games without losing any of it. In fact, I added to the total.

Dolphins -1 vs Patriots

I took the Dolphins for $50 and they covered by winning 22-12.


Cardinals -6.5 vs Eagles

I took the points and the Eagles for $30.

The Eagles lost by seven points - 33-26.


Browns -6.5 at Giants

I laid $50 on the Browns minus the 6.5-points.

They beat the Giants by a score of 20-6.


That left me at +67 for the day.

I am now at a total of +$118.

Not bad for small-time gambler like myself. If I don't owe any money it's a great thing, even if I'm only winning a small amount.

Monday Night

Steelers -14 @ Bengals (over/under 40.5)

This is a tough one for me.

QB Brandon Allen will make his 4th start for the Bengals and his 6th career start.

The team has struggled to generate any offense with him under center, and now he has to face the leagues toughest defense, and the defense that leads the league in QB pressures and sacks. Therefore, I don't see the Bengals putting many points up.

Joe Haden missed last weeks game with an injured knee, but he's expected to play on Monday night. That will only make it tougher for Allen.

The question here is what the Steelers offense will do to a middle-of-the-road Bengals defense. They haven't been able to do much in their last two games, so I don't expect a blowout here.

The Steelers can't run the ball. That has been proven throughout the last month or so. They will once again rely on Roethlisberger to move the offense.

The Wide Receivers haven't been able to catch the ball like a playoff-caliber offense should, so they will also struggle a bit there, no matter how open they can get against the Bengals defensive secondary.

It's a divisional game so I expect the Bengals to still fight like Tigers in this one.

It should be about 42-degrees at kickoff without any real chance of rain or wind., so the weather shouldn't play a part in the outcome or performance of either team.

In week-10 the Steelers beat the Bengals 36-10 at Heinz Field, but the Bengals play much better at home and have beaten the Titans there in week-8.

I think I should probably stay away from this one, but since I'm up a little money I'll roll the dice.

I'll take a teaser of Steelers -8 and under the 46.5 points for $30.

The thought is that the Steelers will still struggle a bit offensively but hold the Bengals under 18 points, and win this one by a score of about 26-16.

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