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Week-17 Betting Update

I entered Sunday at +$231 since I starting making these picks in week-14.

That's a lot better than I thought I would do. Just being up any amount of money and not being in the red is a lot better than I thought I would be at this point.

On Sunday at 1:00 I laid $60 on the Browns minus the 9.5-points.

The Steelers rested a lot of starters in this one and the Browns were fighting for a playoff spot, so it really looked like a good solid pick. But, the Steelers had other ideas.

The Browns won 24-22 but didn't cover the 9.5-points.

So, that's -$66 for this one.

At 4:00 I took the under in the Cardinals vs Rams game.

The total was set at 41.5-points.

The final score was Rams 18 Cardinals 7. That was good enough for the "under" bet to cover. That earned me $30 for this one.

In the Sunday night game I took the Washington Football Team for $40.

They were favored by 4-points as they faced the Eagles and were fighting to win the NFC East and win a playoff spot. They beat the Eagles 20-14. That six-point win covered the spread and made me $40 and put the Football Team into the playoffs.

For the day, I went 2 out of 3 for a total of +$4. Hey, a win is a win, and I won the day!

That $4 adds to my running total and brings it to +$235.

I'll take that $235 into the playoffs and see what I can do with the six Wild Card weekend games beginning on Saturday at 1:00. Stay tuned for my weekend picks and come ride the wave!

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