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Non Football - My Israeli War Conspiracy Theory

In 2020 Biden becomes president.

He immediately opens the borders.

People from around the world stream in. Many are un-vetted. Many sneak passed the barely-there border security.

This continues for 2+ years. Millions of people from all over the world are bussed and flown to locations all over the country.

These illegals are from countries that include Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon, and who knows what other middle east countries.

It has recently been reported that many of these middle-aged men are now being directed by the cartels to a part of Arizona in the middle of nowhere. Border security has since set-up processing stations at this location but don’t understand why they all ended-up there.

In 2022 Russia invades Ukraine.

Ukraine was supposed to collapse under Russian military might within a couple months.

With help of the US the Ukrainians have fought the Russian’s to a draw to this point.

Russia has lost thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars of military equipment fighting this war.

It rages on still with no end in sight.

In October of 2023, Hamas stages a massive military assault across the border into Israel.

This assault had to take at least a year to organize, since it was synchronized with many different units – parachutes, motorcycles, drones, vehicles, horses etc. It was also started with 5000 rockets being launched into Israel.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is one of the most sophisticated military units in the world.

They also work closely with the US to prevent, detect, deter, and respond to attacks against Israel.

So, with these two military and intelligence powerhouses working to keep Israel safe, how do they fail to detect and prepare for this unprecedented attack?

But, did their intelligence agencies truly fail to pick-up on any communications or troop movements that would have tipped them off to the coming attack? Or did they actually know it was coming?

But why would they sit back and wait for it to happen?

Here’s the conspiracy theory……….

Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Lebanon, along with many other middle east countries have wanted Israeli’s off of “their” land since shortly after WWII, when a portion Palestine was given to displaced Jews after the war. The Palestinians have been furious since.

In 1946 they went to war over it. The Israeli’s won and have been there ever since.

They have constantly faced attacks from Palestinians and their supporters ever since. Iran has had the largest financial stake in delivering cash and weapons to Lebanon and Gaza in order to continually reign death and destruction on Israel.

The US has been allies with Israel for many tears and has vowed to protect the country like it was the 51st state in the USA. The main reason for this is because it gives them a foothold in the region for military purposes. It also keeps them attached to the region with the largest oil supplies in the world.

These same countries and military groups that hate Israel also hate the US.

The 2001 Trade Center attack, as well as many other attacks on the US were all based on the fact that the US backs and protects Israel with money and their military.

So when will it all end? It doesn’t seem like it ever will unless Israel picks-up and moves out. Which won’t happen. It is their holy land and they aint leaving it. The US would also like them to remain there.

But the warring and attacking will just continue on with innocent civilians feeling the brunt of the pain and suffering as the two sides constantly trade military punches.

Perhaps there is a way to end this conflict once and for all? Israel remains in the Middle East but there is no more fighting or wars for years and years. How could we get to that point?

Let’s go back to the beginning. Biden was placed into the presidency under some very mysterious circumstances when it comes to the election process.

Perhaps he didn’t actually get the votes to win, but the CIA needed him in the White House. The Trump cabinet would never go along with their plan, so Biden was “elected” president.

First, open the borders and let anyone in.

Second, plant a seed about Ukraine benefiting from joining NATO if they were to do so.

The Russians have long feared a US-Ukraine allegiance. Joining NATO would align Ukraine with the US and get them military protections and benefits. Not what Russia wants in its backyard.

Instead of waiting for that to happen, Russia invades Ukraine while they don’t have NATO protection.

The Russians have bit off more than they can handle since the US and other countries supply them with military equipment and intelligence. Russia is depleted and bogged-down militarily and financially.

Third, release $6-billion of cash to the Iranians under the guise of a prisoner swap in which both sides handed over five prisoners. But the US also handed over the $6-billion to get the deal done. Huh? Now I’m not abreast of how international prisoner swaps are handled, but I know rotten one-sided deal when I see one. Now, Iran has extra money to play with. They can increase the funding of their quest to remove Israel from the Middle East.

It all falls into place.

Hamas enters Israel and slaughters men, women, and children, including some American citizens. They take hostages back to Gaza, including 22 American citizens, and continue to launch missiles into Israel. Supposedly nobody saw it coming.

Lebanon also starts launching a few missiles into Israel hoping to draw the Israeli army into a multiple-front war. Israel flattens much of Gaza in a prelude to their soldiers entering the region to once and for all root out all of the Hamas fighters, kill them and put their military capabilities back decades.

That’s where we’re at today.

What could happen next?

The conspiracy theory continues……..

Israel enters Gaza and goes after every Hamas fighter that’s there, killing every one of them.

The rest of the Palestinian supporters are furious and vow to retaliate.

Lebanon enters the fray. Iran threatens to get involved.

Russia is also not happy, but they are so caught-up in their own war with Ukraine that they are too weakened to command any military respect.

The Palestinian supporters who have entered the US open borders begin to organize and receive weapons supplied to them by the Iran-backed cartels in this baron area of Arizona, away from much of the border security. They then begin their attacks within the US. This gives the US a green light to justify their entrance into the war.

The US, which is already supplying Israel with weapons and aid begins to launch fighter jets from the carriers that were brought into the region. They strike anything and everything that shows military support against Israel.

Iran counters. Their missile systems can reach all parts of Israel, and do. Israel is being attacked from all sides. Luckily the mighty Russian army coincidentally has been occupied with a grueling war of their own for the past year and doesn’t have the military might to become engaged in this conflict.

The US goes right after Iran’s oil refineries and military targets, as well as the nuclear facilities they’ve been worried about for years.

In the end, Iran has lost its ability to process oil, which leaves them with a devastated economy and no ability to rebuild their nuclear capability.

Gaza has been flattened by the combined military effort and the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah cease to exist.

Lebanon has also been set back decades and has learned a costly lesson.

Israel continues to exist without the threat of missile attacks for decades to come.

The US has destroyed Iran’s war capabilities, which they’ve wanted to do for decades.

Russia is still mired in a losing battle with Ukraine and their warring capabilities have been reduced to the point they are no longer a military superpower in the world.

The never-ending problems in the Middle East are solved for the foreseeable future.

The end.

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