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The Patriots Remaining Schedule

At 1-4 through five weeks of the season, the Patriots fans probably realize that there won't be any playoffs games for this 2023 team.

If hasn't been this bad around here for more than 20-years. Will it start to get a little better the rest of the way?

Here are the Patriots remaining 12 games:

@ Raiders

vs Bills

@ Dolphins

vs Commanders

vs Colts (in Germany)

@ Giants

vs Chargers

@ Steelers

vs Chiefs

@ Broncos

@ Bills

vs Jets

If I was to be optimistic about the win potential the rest of the way I would look for them to get about six more wins.

They would beat the Raiders, Colts, Giants, Broncos, Jets, and Steelers.

If I was to be pessimistic about the win potential the rest of the way I would look for them to get about two more wins the rest of the way.

They would beat the Giants and the Jets.

So, I would have to guess it will be somewhere in the middle.

Wins against the Raiders, Giants, Broncos, and Jets seem quite possible.

That would get them to a record of 5-12.

Is that about where they're at now? Does that seem fairly accurate to you? If so, I would expect some big changes in New England soon after this 2023 campaign comes to an end.

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