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In Comparison, Is Rob Gronkowski A Big Tight End?

At 6'6" tall and 265-lbs, Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski is a big dude by any standards, but how does his size stack-up to other NFL Tight Ends?

Last week my wife commented "He's a big boy." while watching a news clip on Gronkowski. I replied "Yeah, he's an NFL Tight End, they're all big dudes." She continued, "He's bigger than most, though."

That got me to big is he compared to other Tight Ends in the league? So, I did a little research.

Below is the height and weight of the more prominent Tight Ends in the league this year. Keeping in mind that Gronkowski is 6'6" tall and weighs 265-lbs,

this list is of the top-10 fantasy football scoring Tight Ends this season, so far.

I have shaded in green the guys I consider bigger than Gronk, in yellow who are pretty much the same size, and red the guys I think can be considered smaller than Gronk.

J Witten 6’6” 263lbs

C Fleener 6’6” 251lbs

Gronk 6’6” 265lbs

J James 6’7” 261lbs

T Kelce 6’5” 260lbs

D Walker 6’2” 248lbs

A Hooper 6’3” 254lbs

C Clay 6’3” 255lbs

K Rudolph 6’6” 265lbs

Z Ertz 6’5” 250lbs

It's tough to put this list in order of physical size because there is a ratio of height and weight that needs to be accounted for. For instance, which guy is bigger - Austin Hooper at 6'3" and 254lbs, or Zach Ertz at 6'5" and 6'5 and 250lbs?

Certainly the height factor plays a big part when one is trying to leap for a thrown football, but the shorter, heavier stature can be a big plus after one catches the ball in wants to advance it thru a defense.

There are also these other very big dudes running pass routes in the NFL from the Tight End position:

J Graham 6’7” 265lbs

N Truesdell 6’6” 252lbs

T Eifer 6’6” 255lbs

J Cameron 6’5” 265lbs

M Bennett 6’6” 275lbs

J Cook 6’5” 254lbs

H Henry 6’5” 250lbs

A Seferian-Jenkins 6’5” 252lbs

J Thomas 6’5” 262lbs

AJ Derby 6’5” 255lbs

I Momah 6’7” 255lbs

If I had to put these TE's in an order of which one's I'd rather not attempt to tackle, Gronk would certainly be up at the top of the list somewhere, but there are plenty of other guys that bring that "big dude" size to the Tight End position in the NFL.

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