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Gurley Hangs Bulletin Board Material For Match-up Vs Cowboys In Week-4

The Rams are 2-0 and they are feeling real good about it. At least Todd Gurley is.

After the teams week-2 Thursday night shootout win over the 49'ers, Gurley moved right on to week-4, which is when his Rams will travel to AT&T Stadium to meet the Cowboys at 1:00 on Sunday.

He wasn't shy about what he thought was going to happen. "Like I said, we're taking it game by game and just focusing on the future right now, man. Next week, we've got Dallas. We've got a little break. So we're gonna whoop up on your 'Boys,"

Any team starting out 2-0 has the right to be confident, but with the Rams starting out 2-0 with wins over the 0-2 Colts and the now 0-3 49'ers, the cocky chest thumping before a game against one of the best teams in the league may not be warranted or wise.

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