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Patriots' Brian Flores Expected To Act Like The Dolphins Head Coach For The Next Few Years

Patriots' defensive coordinator Brian Flores is expected to be the next Dolphins head coach on Monday. A lame duck head coach, at that.

In with the new and out with the old. The team is also expected to cut QB Ryan Tannehill and look for their new franchise quarterback.

As happens to many, Flores is just a piece of meat that will sit in as the acting head coach while the team looks to rebuild with a new QB out of the draft at some point. The team will stink for 3-4 years while it collects draft picks and young talent. When they are ready to make a legitimate run at a division title they will fire Flores and hire their legitimate coach of the future.

Flores is said to be a "players coach". That will work perfectly for a team that is doomed to be far from competitive during his tenure. Flores' ability to keep the players on the roster content with its coaching staff while it treads quicksand will be vital during the rebuilding process.

We can only hope that Flores understands what his role will be when he leaves New England and heads south.

When it's all over for him in the sunshine state, he will have ended his maiden coaching voyage with a frowned-upon sub-400 winning percentage because the Dolphins will have only given him the opportunity to try to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. When the team finally gets the ingredients to follow an actual recipe for chicken salad it will surely look for a new chef, just like so many teams have done in the past.

Flores will then hit the coaching free-agent market with a poor resume because the Dolphins will have only set him up for failure will it looks for success.

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