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Tom Brady Could Set A Very Prosperous NFL Record In 2021

According to, Tom Brady has earned $298,199,206 so far in his career.

If he stays healthy and earns the remainder of his 2021 contract he will eclipse the $300-million earned mark for an NFL player. He will finish the 2021 season with career earnings of $311,140,382.

That should ease the burden of his retirement I would say.

To my knowledge, that will be the first time an NFL player has earned $300-million in a career.

It is also more likely than not that Brady has already set the record for the most money earned as a player in NFL history.

I've looked at the contract history of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Jerry Rice and some others and none of them come close to Brady's current earnings.

If you can think of someone that may have earned more, or if you've researched and found someone that has, leave a comment with your findings.

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