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With A Win On Sunday Night Tom Brady Can Join Manning, Brees And Favre At The Top Of This List

With a win over the Patriots on Sunday night Tom Brady will join three other quarterbacks as the only four that have beaten all 32 NFL teams in their careers.

As of now, Drew Brees has done it after playing for the Saints and Chargers.

Brett Favre has done it while playing for the Falcons, Packers, Jets and Vikings.

Peyton Manning accomplished the feat while playing for the Colts and Broncos.

Brady spent 20 seasons in New England and had beaten every team except for the one he was playing on. He now has the opportunity to beat that team on Sunday night.

Although he can only join those other four QB's on the top of this list, when it comes to

beating NFL teams as a whole he is way ahead of those other three.

Tom Brady has beaten 17 different teams in the playoffs. That means he has beaten more different teams in the playoffs than any other QB has total wins in playoff history.

Brady has 34 playoff wins in his 21-year career, extending a record he set many years ago. San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana is No. 2 on the all-time playoff wins list with 16.

There are three NFL teams that are certainly amongst the happiest that Brady has moved out of the AFC East.

The Bills, Dolphins and Jets have been on the wrong side of the win/loss column a combined 85 times over the last 20-years when they've gone up against Brady and the Patriots. Combined, those three teams have managed just 23 wins in that span.

The Patriots split their only two playoff games within the division, going 1-1 vs the Jets.

Below is Brady's record versus all 32 NFL teams over the last 20 years, including the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals 1-1

Atlanta Falcons 9-0

Baltimore Ravens 8-4

Buffalo Bills 32-3

Carolina Panthers 5-3

Chicago Bears 5-1

Cincinnati Bengals 7-1

Cleveland Browns 7-1

Dallas Cowboys 6-0

Denver Broncos 9-9

Detroit Lions 5-2

Green Bay Packers 5-2

Houston Texans 9-2

Indianapolis Colts 15-4

Jacksonville Jaguars 8-1

Kansas City Chiefs 8-5

Las Vegas Raiders 6-1

Miami Dolphins 23-12

Minnesota Vikings 6-0

New England Patriots N/A

New Orleans Saints 5-3

New York Giants 5-3

New York Jets 30-8

Philadelphia Eagles 5-2

Pittsburgh Steelers 12-3

Los Angeles Chargers 10-2

San Francisco 49ers 2-1

Seattle Seahawks 2-2

Los Angeles Rams 5-3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-0

Tennessee Titans 7-3

Washington Football Team 5-1

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